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AI profile to restore a UAR

Still small profile will be needed to restore or install a server with an UAR.

<!DOCTYPE auto_install SYSTEM "file:///usr/share/install/ai.dtd.1">
  <ai_instance name="sol-ai" auto_reboot="true" >
        <zpool name="rpool" is_root="true">
          <filesystem name="export" mountpoint="/export"/>
          <filesystem name="export/home"/>
    <software type="ARCHIVE">
        <file uri="file:///net/"/>
    <software_data action="install">

Do not forget to update the profile in the AI:

# installadm update-manifest -m 2restore-server -n sol-ai -f /ai/config/server-dr.manifest


Had an issue while installing a new platform saying:

13:50:24    Error receiving ZFS stream file: 87281d79-bb82-4aa1-babd-eb54ccf145e2-0.zfs.3
13:50:24    Failed transfer of stream file: '87281d79-bb82-4aa1-babd-eb54ccf145e2-0.zfs.3' from file:///net/
13:50:25    Stream 'rpool@87281d79-bb82-4aa1-babd-eb54ccf145e2' transfer from archive 'file:///net/' failed.
13:50:25    Reason: cannot receive: out of space

Installation logs said no space left on device and looking a bit deeper I could see that solaris installer tried to create a very huge dump device which was taking the whole space... so I tried to specify swap and dump but the installation ignored all settings, seems to be a bug... The final solution was to use a "no dumpdevice" setting in the manifest and create it by hand after the installation:

<logical nodump=“true“>