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Fair share scheduler

Put your whole System under FSS

# dispadmin -d FSS
# reboot
# priocntl -s -c FSS -i class TS
# priocntl -s -c FSS -i pid 1 

FSS to Zones

# poolcfg -c 'modify pool <pool> (string pool.scheduler="FSS")'
# zonecfg -z <zone>
> set pool=<cpupool>
> add rctl
rctl> set name=zone.cpu-shares
rctl> add value=(priv=privileded,limit=30,action=none)
rctl> end

To see

# prctl -n zone.cpu-shares -i zone global


# prctl -n zone.cpu-shares -v 20 -r -i zone global

I wrote a script for that reason, have a look at zoneshare