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what cards are in my box?

# ipmitool sunoem cli "show -level all -output table /system/pci_devices/add-on description"
Connected. Use ^D to exit.
-> show -level all -output table /system/pci_devices/add-on description
Target             | Property              | Value
/System/           | description           | Sun Dual Port 10 GbE PCIe 2.0 Low
 PCI_Devices/Add-  |                       | Profile Adapter, Base-T
 on/Device_3       |                       |
/System/           | description           | Oracle Storage 12 Gb SAS PCIe
 PCI_Devices/Add-  |                       | RAID HBA, Internal
 on/Device_4       |                       |

forcing solaris to look for chances

echo '#path_to_inst_bootstrap_1' > /etc/devices/path_to_inst Run: bootadm update-archive shutdown the computer change the PCIe card, for example a NIC with an HBA poweron again...

It is tempting here to manually modify /etc/devices/path_to_inst directly, replacing 8 and 9 with 10 and 11. But modification of path_to_inst file does not survive an upgrade. Any modification done to that file will be dropped after an upgrade. So bootstrapping path_to_inst file is the right persistent way. => Bootstrapping this file allows the box to force a rebuild of path_to_inst.