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eXtended System Control Facility Unit on Sun/Oracle/Fujitsu M - Series

Upgrade Firmware

Verify that there are no errors on the system:

XSCF> showhardconf -M
XSCF> showlogs error -v 
XSCF> showstatus

Downloading a Version with different protocols:

XSCF> getflashimage http://imageserver/images/DCXCP1114.tar.gz
XSCF> getflashimage ftp://imageserver/images/DCXCP1114.tar.gz
XSCF> getflashimage file:///media/usb_msd/images/DCXCP1114.tar.gz

Verify the Firmware File

XSCF> version -c xcp -v -t
XSCF> flashupdate -c check -m xcp -s 1114

And Update, this will take about 20 minutes, a final messages is shown on the console

XSCF> flashupdate -c update -m xcp -s 1114

On M8000 and M9000 you will have to switch the active/standby controller

XSCF> switchscf -t Active