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Never forget the mega truss command

Sometimes a very useful output if you really want to see everything:

# truss -elfda -rall -wall -vall -xall [-o output.txt ] -p <pid>

But; did you know that debug tool set:

root@solaris~# LD_DEBUG=help /usr/bin/true
debug: Solaris ELF Utilities: 11.4-1.3170
debug: The runtime linker and link-editor support a shared debugging
debug: facility. Options are selected via a comma separated list of tokens,
debug: each of which specifies a display option or a category for which
debug: information is desired. Many tokens apply to both linker components,
debug: while some are specific to one or the other. Diagnostics are printed,
debug: one per line, with a standard prefix prepended to each one. Output
debug: for the help token, used by itself, is sent to stdout. Use of
debug: any other tokens causes diagnostic output to be sent to stderr
debug: unless otherwise redirected.
[...] ~snip

Example, prepend time stamps entering ld or and elapsed time:

root@solaris~# LD_DEBUG=dtime,ttime,all <cmd>