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iSCSI on Solaris

Master configuration

# zfs create –V 200g <zpool>/iscsi1 		-> create 200g raw-device
# zfs set shareiscsi=on <zpool>/iscsi1	        -> enable iSCSI 
# iscsitadm list target				-> check config
# svcs -a | grep iscsi				-> check service

Client configuration

# iscsiadm add discovery-address <IP>[:3260]
# iscsiadm modify discovery –-sendtargets enable
[x86] # fdisk /dev/rdsk/c2t3d0s2


[client] # iscsiadm list initiator-node	        -> copy iqn-number
[server] # iscsitadm list target –v		-> check the client
[server] # iscsitadm create initiator –-iqn <client-num> <name> 
[server] # iscsitadm modify target –-acl <name> <zfs>
[server] # iscsitadm list initiator		-> check aliases
[server] # iscsitadm list target [-v] <zfs>


[server] # iscsitadm delete target --acl <name> <zfs>